Living life in a changed kind of way…


So, like I said, this is a journey of me and finding a new normal.  I miss old normal all of the time… but I know that life needs a positive kick even when worst case scenario breaks your life apart.  So my perspective is just to move, to live, to run, to smile and laugh, to cry and freak out… when my daughter passed my world (and my little families world) was and still, to this very second, is broken.  I don’t know how it will ever not be broken and in a way empty… but I choose to know that there is some plan, I choose to see that she is ok (perfect and happy even) and I choose to focus some of this pain into something good… all things that I know my lovely angel would do as well…

My journey will be less of dwelling on how sad I can be, how bad life can get… and more of how I feel most of the time… how life is… how I know that someone helps me get out of bed everyday, run, move, smile, laugh, cry, eat and play… So I hope this ride along is as good for you as I know it will be for me and my heart.


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