Temper Tantrums Optional (just a feature I wish came with my kids)…

Some days just start and you know it needs to be dinner and bedtime soon… today was ‘that-kinda-day’… the trying started at wake up… waking up to whine, whine and a little more whine (and not the good stuff).  So in retrospect I should have prepped my brain, my patience and my tired self for a double meltdown day.  Ugh…

Tantrum #1:  It all started with a “NO” and ended with a “You are a mean mommy and I don’t like you and you will give me gum!!!”… this in fact did not happen and in a way helps me remember I am a powerful caregiver… I can say no… I can win 🙂 (if one could call the fact that she still didn’t get what she wanted but spent 15 minutes causing commotion in the car that will someday lead to an accident… a win?!?!)…

Tantrum #2:  So of course later in the day, trying to run errands, a little whine escapes her mouth.  I quickly tell her “In 10 minutes we’ll go home, do sprinkler and have popsicles, but if you are bad none of that”… BAM! … a crazy kid in the cart appears and if she wasn’t under my care I would have watched like all of the others… and wondered who let the beast out of their cage… biting, fighting, pulling… all the good defense tactics against me.  We left the store, and by left I mean I held one daughters hand and pulled the wild beast out… trying to keep everyone safe and my own self in the “I am still sane and in control” bubble… all the while the beast I brought, who I might add has huge dimples and big blue eyes normally, yelled at me, fought me and told all the onlookers that I was “breaking her bones in her hand”… It was a long and very short trip to the store with nothing accomplished but a tired and crazy child, and frazzled and beaten mom…

So… when thinking about how your day went  just think of the crazy beast that pops out of my sometimes very lovely, fair and dimply blue eyed girl… and the zoo scene that follows :)… It makes me smile knowing that she is all cute and tucked in right now… so at the end of the day- mission accomplished… live, eat, bathe… smile, read, pray and get them off to bed.


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