… and we are off to find an adventure

How often in life do we have a whole Sunday with nothing written on the calendar?  In our life not very often… there is always something- a birthday party, a run, a visit.. basically just life.  Today we have nothing, and it feels wonderful.  What will we do with our day?  We are off to find an adventure… off to enjoy being our little family.

What kind of adventure will we set out for today?  I quite like the little life detours with no known destination, I love the surprise in the day… so that’s what today will be (and many other days to come).  Will we head out for a beach day or maybe a little old town we have never explored or maybe a big park and a hike… whatever the case it will be a nice change from the go go go of life and living.

This year has changed so much of how we and so many we know and have never met, look at life… more importantly living.  We never know how our life can change- tomorrow, next year or even when are gifted old age… so enjoying all the little things that make up the big and wonderful life is so important, the life that is the goal… a happy and full life.  So detours and adventures will be regular in our life…

All working toward our family goal: live a life full of adventures, be us and never lose our desire to explore, create and smile.  Move, move and move some more all the while carrying our angel right along with us… she is, after all, the reason we see all that we see in life…


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