Sometimes the really good days are the hardest days…


While off to find an adventure, or even in the midst of enjoying our adventure, a sad layer just sits there. At the end of the day my heart is full of all the love and fun we shared with our little family and heavy with the sadness that our angel was not physically there to see, touch and experience these adventures…

How is this journey complete with out her? How will we ever be our own little family with the big layer of missing her there always? Who knows… I trust and know that God has a plan and that we will get by. … live actually and that she is with us (in a way). I just get heavy sometimes with the sadness…

So we will keep taking detours, making adventures and following the course we feel is right in our big journey of life… never not thinking about our lovely… never not remembering her smile and never not having our layer of hard and sad… but in a way that is how we know she is with us on our journey, moving and living in us right? All of this to reach the end goal- of a lovely, memorable and happy life… full of the good stuff.


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