When life feels so gray… God sends you some orange

I am a firm believer in the fact that God sends the people and the things you need… although we humans often overlook these things and take them for granted.  I know that during a really hard and low week he will send someone to help me believe and feel and know.

In this journey I have had the honor to meet so many new, positive and wonderful people… so many gifts, that I know God is sending them to me.  I know that sounds corny to some, but I promise there is just no way chance could have done it all.  So, again, back to the gray times… when my heart was heavy and sad and it was harder to see (gray)… God sent me a family who kind of needed me, but really I needed them.  I had the honor of being a part of a little boy’s last best days (who happened to love orange) … and the chance to meet his mom.  Since I met him- he has since joined my lovely angel in heaven, but I have this connection to his mom.  I know God put them in my life, that in a way it was a gift to find each other.  She is such a positive, real and genuine woman.  I am thankful to meet such a woman, who shares my perspective on living, death and living after.  I think I have a lot to learn from her.

I love to be right.  I can be such a know-it-all…  I am so glad to know I was right all along.  I was right that God would take care of us and help us find the way and the people… but I was right too about people.  People in general are good, some are downright amazing… and those silly pessimists think differently.  I am glad to be right about these things… and will be a little cocky and proud of the fact that I was right…  (but not to the point of negative ;)).


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