Choose Happy.

In this life we can complain, we can be negative and we can be angry… or we can choose to smile.  We can choose to accept that goals change, people change and life changes… we can choose to live through hard days, love simpler days and move through the unbelievably painful days… knowing that tomorrow we have to wake up and do it again and most likely it will be better.  We can choose to not say no, to be kind to a person who is cranky, to smile when we see something good- and remember the little good things when the sad ones pop up.  We can choose.

I have always said that our in our world it is hard to be happy… if we look around, watch tv or listen to people talk… chaos, sadness and anger are all over.  I believe that it takes work to be and stay happy.  It takes work to see the good news, it takes work to smile and move along… it takes work to see that wonderful things happen every second.  I also know that you have to choose to be happy.  You have to choose happy, you must choose positive… God shows us the good stuff, we only need to choose to see it.  I give in sometimes, I choose to see the crap, to assume that bad follows me… but I know it isn’t true.  Good follows me too, great and amazing sometimes pop in and show up good :), I know that God has a grand plan and I get to be happy… I just have to choose to see, accept and smile… and happy will follow… who knows sometimes gleeful and giddy might come to visit (probably after a good run or a glass of wine…)

Note to self: choose happy.  choose positive.  choose to smile even in the rain, even in a storm.


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