Perfect Words, perfect reminder.

Lately quotes, words and songs all take on a different meaning.  My perspective has altered, and songs I used to sing along to and not necessarily listen to have a whole new meaning to ‘new me’.  Sometimes, when I feel that no other person gets it, a song plays and I know that whoever wrote that song gets it… lots of people get it.

I stumbled upon this little set of words and have read and reread it over the past week.  I am going to print it, put in my cabinet and carry one in my car… so in 2 months, 1 year… 10 years I will find it again, read it again… and reassess.  These words are core.  These words are golden… they remind us to treat people as we want to be treated, to surround ourselves with people who treat us with kindness and respect, to respect our own self and to love who we are.  I will keep these words right next to me on this ride through life… and I think, actually know, if I really focus on them this ride will be the very best it can be.  So here are some words to remind you, and move you along on your own journey… through your own life.


4 thoughts on “Perfect Words, perfect reminder.

  1. This is so true. I have a lot of painful experience with this.. those kinds of people are just toxic and cause problems. Once I had kids I had far less tolerance for negativity.


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