Just run.

Lately just moving can seem hard.  I am training for a 18.12 mile race in my hometown, to commemorate the War of 1812 (a big deal back home)… so I run a lot.  I find that sometimes it is really hard to run, hard to keep my mind busy, hard to justify the time and energy… but I run anyway.  I mean I made it Facebook official and paid to run this race, I will finish it :).  There are days that I  run and end full of happy energy, feeling clean and fresh (though stinky) and kind of like ‘me’.  Those are the runs that pull me through when I have a run that is slow and heavy and hard and tedious and not fun at all… those runs make me wonder if I can even do this anyway, what’s the point you know?

It is funny how your mind can work.  My big and most important trick is the never let my brain win, sometimes it does.  I know that if I start out and don’t let myself stop, I will finish.  I have let my brain win… have had my husband come pick me up (very early in the morning)… and the disappointment I felt from my own heart and brain was not worth it.


So, this weekend I will run, run and run some more.  I will finish what I started, and not let my brain win.  I will put 18.12 on the butt of my car and know I did something pretty cool and new this year.  In a year when it was the hardest for my brain to go, I will go… my legs will do this.

(I guess this post is my little pep talk…)


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