…”I’m just not there yet”

The other day I was waiting somewhere and someone said… “I’m just not there yet”…

I was brought back to one of my most famous sayings as a parent … “WAIT!  I’m just not there yet…”  Sometimes this was in response to lovely lady wanting to ‘help’ me cook (and of course the chair was pulled over, a large knife was out and I wasn’t even there with the food, bowl and washed hands)… sometimes it was my husband asking “When will you grab my dry cleaning?” (as I frantically clean up the mess made from previous lovely ‘helping’ me make dinner). 

I wonder how many times “I’m just not there yet” has been my answer… it’s like a self realization.  I think I need to take the advice of my kindergartener’s teacher and be there, to take a few moments everyday and get myself ‘there’.  Where is there?  I think ‘there’ is where ever I am at that very second… to stop, close my eyes, breathe a little… open them up and take a little mental note of my current surroundings.  To make myself be there and here.  I wonder if this will help my not always answer “I’m not there yet” and start noticing where I always am… and how much I have done to be in this very spot. 

Whoa… this one felt deep.  I will keep updated and see how much less I am not there :)…


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