When faced with an awkward silence… just fill it.

When you are faced with an awkward silence… fill it!

At least that is what I always do… quiet-thinker-type never know how to handle me… while they are busy measuring or reading or doing something that makes the room very quiet- I WILL fill in the quiet.

So, in an effort to write more often, I was cooking dinner and thinking about the 5 million things I must do tomorrow and the 3 things I forgot to mail and the dry cleaning I didn’t pick up today… and thinking blog.blog.blog.  My brain’s response was … nothing… awkward silence.  So I am going to fill it up… I will make a rule (so to speak)… that if my brain is too tired, or busy to think up some witty and cool blog post it must think up 5 good things about the day… So here goes…

  1. I got my work out in before my family woke up, sweat a disgusting amount and drank a seltzer at my daughter’s peaceful spot.
  2. It was a perfect rainy and chilly fall day to have a couple friends and babies over for a relaxed play date and of course pumpkin spice coffee.
  3. PUMPKIN SPICE COFFEE for my Keurig… definitely can be included in two great things.
  4. Amelia’s big grin running off the bus… I waited all day for it.
  5. (this is an anticipated one) Kissing my youngest, telling her she is the “Best Lucy Ever” and having her squeeze my cheeks and say ‘Best Mommy EVER”

So… there you go I filled that potentially awkward silence.


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