Gifting Experiences…

In recent months many have been reminded of the importance of enjoying our time… I don’t follow the “live like you are dieing” idea (my thoughts sit closer to a- live like you are living idea)… but I really believe we should live to enjoy our lives, to create memories, to go on adventures… basically to take in this journey and live it up.

Living this way has many perks… more fun moments, more smiles, more adventures, more detours… less stress, less drama… and in a way A LOT more creativity and flexibility.  This is my kinda life…

Now onto the gifting experiences… holidays, special days, anniversaries and sometimes just regular rainy days are different now.  They are harder and more painful… so we usually fill them up with something fun, a diversion, an experience.  So when pondering … what will we do for Christmas gifts… what to get my nieces for their birthday… to me gifts don’t have the same meaning.  Gifts are not some random barbie we pick out at the last minute… gifts aren’t a gift card to a store someone likes… they should be an experience.  So for Thanksgiving our whole crazy family is going to the same house in Lake Placid to celebrate and remember and enjoy… and for Christmas, instead of searching for a gift for my mom – nice new socks… and a tool my dad needs… we are taking them to see Mannheim Steamroller (my mom has always listened to them and loved them).  I want to take my Mother and Father-in-law out for a really nice and fancy dinner- just adults and dress up clothes.  I want to find a musical or a really amazing little trip for the girls and our family instead of a bunch of new toys that need new homes…

It isn’t like I am boycotting all the normal shopping traditions… just changing them up a bit.  I hope that my girls grow up knowing how important it is to share experiences, how important it is to enjoy time and how important it is to show people how special they are…


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