She can still see…

Today we had the privilege of attending a Donor Memorial Service… it was difficult and comforting… hard and lovely…

To know that Maddie’s very own eyes still see is amazing, on a ton of levels… to know that her tissues were potentially used for 50 patients who needed heart tissue (babies with holes in their heart, adults who need valves…) is so important to me, to us.  Knowing that little pieces of her are still physically here is such a comfort.  I don’t know if I will ever meet the people who own Maddie’s corneas, but to know they see with her eyes is amazing… freakin’ amazing.

I wonder if they know what Madeline liked to see, or if they will take her eyes on adventures she never could have imagined… I wonder if they understand the gift.  I am sure they do… I am sure they are helping a ‘liver’, a real, kind and happy person… one who enjoys life and time and family and smiles at every single sunset…

What a gift… a gift that she gave them and a gift that every image they see, adventure they enjoy and moment that they cry with her eyes- gives to us…


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