… words in a jar

Many of my days are a blur, a blur of emotion, exhaustion… just a blur.  Several months ago, when Maddie passed, so much of the world helped us- send food, cards and gifts.  I remember one day my cousin sent me a really nice card and a beautiful jar filled with little rolled up quotes, wrapped in ribbon.  I set it on the counter and kind of forgot for a while.  When I started ‘nesting’ and getting the house back to a new state of normal I happened upon the jar again.  I took out a piece of paper and read it.  It was a smart quote about living a happy and  joy filled life.  Since then, when I am having a hard day, I take a little rolled up, ribbon wrapped piece of paper and open it.  Many days it is a set of words I needed to hear- in those cases I always tape them to my cupboards and reread often.

This one is one of my favorites.  I think it sums me up… and kind of my perspective through all of this.  That on the days that are bright, and you can summon energy and see good you focus and remember and move and live… and on the very hardest days you hope, you remember, you feel the pain, you know that tomorrow you can move and laugh and live but today you must hope and survive…

Words in a jar… have been one of the most simple and thoughtful gifts I have ever received… it has helped me focus when the day is good and hope when the day is dark… some days we just need to see what we already know.


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