The joy of rock hunting…

My littler family had the opportunity to go to Burlington, Vermont for a wedding this past weekend.  At first it was meant to be a get-a-way for my husband and I, but plans changed and we had a littler family vacation.  It was one of those perfect, sunny, warm and bright fall days that sneak into October and once in a while November.  We had no plans, beyond the wedding Friday night, so we went off to find an adventure.

Our journey brought us to Lake Champlain and the picturesque bike path… we had the great idea of taking a nice walk to a playground we saw on the map… comically the walk turned into one FAR too long for little feet and my sore toes and riding boots… when we finally happened upon the playground (with kids to tired to play, blood blisters on my toes and no snacks or water) it was located on an awesome beach.  A beach with barely anyone on it.

So we took off our shoes, rolled up our pants and searched for perfect rocks to add to our collections… some to bring to Maddie and some orange ones for another mom whose son is an angel who loved orange.  It was a really great little surprise… this beach.  What are the odds that in late October you will get to take your shoes off, walk in the sand, wade in the water and be surrounded by the most amazing fall leaves and mountains?

So… I officially apologized to my husband for being annoyed that this little adventure was killing my feet and taking too long… and thanked him for finding this beach.  It was a really great little adventure… and we stopped for ice cream and water on our walk back…

Moral of the story:  Simple acts of finding a beach, searching for rocks and watching the waves can bring much joy- simple joy.


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