Today moving is very hard, smiling is killing me… Halloween with only two trick-or-treaters really sucks.  It hurts to prepare, I am numb to the fun and I generally just feel sad and sick and icky.  This is the part… when I am sad, I am sick.  Apparently grief can mimic illness… never would have thought or believed if you had told me that before.

What I know is that Amelia and Lucy will have a fun night and enjoy trick-or-treating and singing and running and giggling… the song ‘trick or treat smell my feet’ will be sung 100 times and met with smiles… and inside my heart will be wishing it were bedtime, that I could just be done.

I guess the blessing is that I get a dimply angel with real feather wings, a Captain America Superhero and a real true angel watching over us… so I guess I have a lot of super powers and grace watching out for me tonight.  I guess I better go move, walk, smile, take pictures and get ready for bed… for tomorrow will come soon enough.


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