… as always yesterday’s tomorrow came.

I finally understand this take it one day at a time… one moment at a time.  If you look ahead you will freak out and break down… and breaking down is VERY important in this new life, just not all the time.

So this is Thanksgiving week without one of my best blessings… the week and month where everybody and their brother are thankful for something every single day.  Honestly, I think it is wonderful to have a conscious thought and idea and reminder of how many blessings we all have here.  I love the idea and have taken on the challenge before, and I will tell you by day 22 it is hard to find a person, place, experience or thing to be thankful for!  It has been so hard to read all the posts about the children people are thankful for- which sounds silly since I am unbelievably thankful for my children.  I am grateful for every moment I am gifted with each one of my chicks (even if it is a messy, loud and temper tantrum filled moment in life, I am later glad for that moment of life).

This morning I woke up to a text from my friend who has a new angel… and we were talking about Christmas and the holidays.  Thinking about plans freaks me out, anything beyond this afternoon my mind makes disappear.  It is as if my mind and body are controlling my calendar… helping me forget appointments that overloaded me, helping me not think about what to pack until the moment of packing, helping in a way to not get too excited or too sad… If that makes sense?!!?

I can see tomorrow and plan tomorrow.  I don’t like to look at Tuesday, or Wednesday… let alone December 12 or 25th.  This morning I realized this is the way… this is the so-called-rule… day by day, minute by minute… and when one or the other seems too long, don’t worry bedtime will come and tomorrow will come… and eventually several sleeps and wake ups will pass and life will move.


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