Today is a good day…

I woke up today in a good mood… I was happy to see Matt, the girls were in a good mood… and I thought ‘Today is a good day’.

So why the need to spread the word and tell everyone?  Seriously, it has been a long time since I woke and thought that or felt that.  Many mornings I wake up cranky and put on smiles and take care of the girls and try not to yell and get annoyed with my husband and go go go.  So on a day when I wake up and feel this it is a big deal.

What to do with this ‘good day’?  Head off to Lake Placid to be with most of my whole family… to the place I last saw Maddie smile and laugh and play… to the place we all went to enjoy and be together for what we didn’t know would be her last days.  I am excited and scared, happy and anxious.  I know she wants us there to do this and be together… and I want to be there to feel her… to find her… so maybe that’s why I am in a good mood.  Maybe Maddie is telling me she is glad are doing this… maybe she is my good mood.  I think so.  I never know how to explain things so they don’t sound silly or crazy, but at the end of this who cares if it sounds that way?

So off we go to find, play, laugh, cry, eat, move, live and be together…


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