Amelia Rocks!

In all of the commotion of life… and living… and smiling… driving, running, moving, ‘gymnasticsing’, storytelling… you know the normal of this now life- we had an ‘Extraordinary’ tonight. My lovely little Amelia, who is growing to be an amazing, kind, compassionate, silly and creative little lady- rocked it in her Odyssey of the Mind tonight. I was terrified I was living vicariously through her involvement… and reliving a piece of my past… and that I was wrong and pushing her skills… and she was too young… blah, blah, blah.
Then tonight… she was handed a bowl of mini marshmallows and toothpicks. She proceeded to whip up a 3d structure that was HUGE and stable… and did I mention 3d!!! Her coach came over and said “Whoa, that’s 3d. No other kids have thought 3d… and it’s stable”.

I have to add that Amelia just turned 5, and is in kindergarten. The other kiddos are in first grade and knew one another last year… so she is young, little and shy.
I don’t want to boast, well, I guess just a little bit… Amelia is a wonderful mix. She is smart, fast, creative, logical and intuitive… but also kind, silly, thoughtful, a bucket-filler and a compassionate girl… 1/3 of the best set of kids God ever made.

(no worries I will boast soon about my Superhero I promise)


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