Keeping up with a Superhero…

(a bit of bragging about my Super Lucy…)

So I have this lady in my house who is so stinking cute, so stinking silly and so stinking SUPER.  To know her is to see a gorgeous little girl who always has hair in her eyes, prefers to be told she is “hamsome” and loves to wear her father’s deodorant… a little girl who wants to be Captain America when she grows up… a perfectly Lucy version of a Musto Chick.

She is funny, can hack an IPhone like no other kid I have ever met and has the high score on Ant smashers and Angry Birds.  She is my little ‘boy’ that God gave me… in a way :).  Lucy loves to watch Superheroes and has a wonderful imagination.  I love to hear her wander through the house and create her little stories and play all by herself, it’s my favorite.  She is different from Meme and can be shy and reserved sometimes… so I reap the rewards of big, huge ‘SUPER Monkey hugs’ and a little lady wrapped around my leg (that is of course only if Matt isn’t around- Lucy LOVES Matt).

I can not wait to see what she is like when she grows up…


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