A Superhero… who traded his cape for wings…


Yesterday… what a pile of emotions… so hard to find correct words and to define feelings…

Yesterday, a family we have met on our journey, said goodbye to their amazing Superhero and Maddie welcomed a new friend… a friend who had a very different DIPG experience, a friend who was older when he was diagnosed and when he took off for heaven… but I know she was glad to see him, glad our families met and her foundation got to help his family.

I feel such a sadness for his family, for just like us, we regular humans don’t posess Superhero powers or strength- nor are we blessed with all the peace and grace of an angel… our angels are okay, but we are broken.  We will have an empty to carry forever, we will have a pain that’s unbearable, we will stand and move with a numbness that is not something words can describe…

Our families are on the same journey… to find our new normal, show off our amazing young angels, remember our people… most of all move, smile, run, laugh, live and make the best of our lives with our other people.

I wish to never have another join this club… I wish it were full and there was no room for more in this club… but alas that is not the way of life and many of us are meant to find each other and travel the journey and walk down the path together…


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