Best Day Ever

December 23, 2011- There was such a real and tangible excitement as we picked Madeline up at 2:15 from her school… we were on our way to Watertown for Christmas with all of our family and the girls cousins.  We loaded up and headed out, the girls napped for a big chunk of the 3 hour trip.  We had decided to enjoy our trip home and get back when we got back, since many of our trips are bogged down with time constraints and dinners at 5pm… don’t be late, don’t be late!  So we were off on this little ‘Musto Family Only Adventure’…

We planned to stop for ‘fancy dinner’ in the middle of the trip, either in Boonville or Turin.  There are two restaurants we always drive by and say ‘someday we need to eat there’… so the girls woke up just in time to get to the second one.  Think country road, just starting to fall snow and little restaurant at the bottom of a ski slope… the Steak and Brew.  We pulled in and were the only car, we weren’t sure if they were open.  We all walked in and they looked frazzled, they asked if we had a reservation, they were waiting for a LARGE party.  The staff moved some things around and seated us in the super comfy and perfect little bar room with a wood stove (and no other families close by!!!!).  The dinner was wonderful and fancy and they doted on the girls… dessert was amazing- Cherries Jubilee prepped right in front of the girls.  The end of dinner came and Matt and I looked at each other and it was like “Whoa we can finally do this, 3 girls out to dinner and it is enjoyable”.  Madeline poked me, I looked down and she had her hands on the sides of her face and she said “BEST DAY EVER” and giggled.  I said Maddie, tell daddy what you just said… and I was beaming.

I sat there thinking of all the work involved in planning crap and parties and events- and this was a “Best Day Ever”… a simple, fun and a little fancy night with family.  I promised, in my head that night, to do this more- more simple and unplanned, less crazy and stressful… a big change in living came that night.

I thought I would have years ahead to do these things with my 3 lovely girls… to see them grow together and learn together… to take adventures and trips and to laugh.  So many plans and hopes for my girls… for I had the 3 best, cutest and most fun… I had the Musto Chicks…



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