January One.

Keeping my little promise… to fill awkward silences. Apparently I feel that you were all waiting to hear what I have to say in the new year… :)…
So since I have nothing really sitting on my brain to chat about, that is positive, funny or just worth writing about I will post 5 good things about today.

  1. After filling my New Years Eve with “The Walking Dead”, “Weeds” and “Despicable Me” until about 1:30 New Year’s morning- Matt and I slept until the girls woke up—— at 10am!!!!! I kind of feel young… except I woke up to say some prayers, watch kids TV and don’t have a hang over.
  2. I didn’t have a hangover today…
  3. I got to dip Trader Joe’s Mini Biscotti in my coffee, until I stood up to take care of a kid and Sparky jumped up and polished off the last two… grrr….
  4. We were pretty productive today, organizing, getting rid of stuff, threatening the girls to get rid of stuff, doing lots of laundry… prepping for the BIG clean after this season…
  5. I put beef stew in the crock pot this morning and the house smells great and there is no afternoon work… just typing a blog post and drinking wine, while my dinner magically cooks…

So… today felt less sad and heavy than yesterday. In a way that makes me sad and in a way happy… maybe it’s because I am working on some mental goals, physical goals and confidence goals… maybe goals and diversions help me move, clean, cook, run, smile, cry, laugh and live… I am unsure what made today lighter, but I do know I feel better with goals and busy and organization.

I hope your January One was simple and good and fresh… I hope you set some goal for improvement and changes and just discovery of yourself…

Happy January One.


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