Becoming unconnected…

Many days lately I feel this pull toward time wasters… my kindle, my cell phone, my computer… checking statuses, reading email, texting and reading headlines.  I am tired of it… as I am sitting on my computer typing.  I am going to start being much less connected… start noticing my own surroundings and taking it in more.  I think I know a lot of people who will be doing this.
Back when I was organized and what I think of as ‘pulled together’… I would make a list as I did other things (mostly productive things) and then set a timer for whatever time I had that day to do this list online (email so and so, check the news, looks up a restaurant, etc).  This really helped me keep my obsession with staying connected useful and safer.  I would make sure my list got done before I was allowed to do the fun stuff… like check statuses and read up on entertainment news.  I felt more productive back then… more organized.  So today I start :)… list and timer… being more careful about being so connected and reachable.

I had been feeling this way for weeks… this morning while having breakfast with some of my favorite friends it was a big source of discussion.  It was good to hear others feel the same way, and a bit of a wake up call to step back and start fixing it.  I fear that my girls won’t see the world around them unless it is through a camera… or pay attention and be safe because they are texting with friends about what snack they have… or that they will lack basic human skills we all need to talk, communicate and read people…

So here I am typing away, because I feel that this is important work, writing my feelings, typing my thoughts, documenting my time and journey.  So this will be part of my allotted time (so I will probably have to write my posts on paper more :)!?!?!)… which I love more anyway.  My best brain work is done on paper… and wouldn’t it be great to see a letter or a card or a journal in 40 years that a human wrote… how sad would my life be if I couldn’t see a card with my Grandma’s handwriting that says “Happy Birthday Lovely”… or cards from my husband back when he was really sweet and ‘in love’… to not see my old notebook with “I love….” scribbled all over it.

I am going back to that.  I will write more thank you’s and notes.  Document more life on paper… leaving a trail for my grand babies.  I will call my mom more and not text her.  I will show my girls the importance of good phone skills and spelling skills.  I will write them notes… I will write journal entries to this blog… I will be better at this.  I will limit my time on a gadget or machine… I will pay better attention to my surroundings.  I will not care so much about who is eating ice cream or drinking coffee with an old friend… I will become more unconnected.  The world won’t be able to bug me, see me, text me or contact me all the time.  It will be good…

How is that for a New Years Change/Reason?  I made it all blog official so now I will have to keep you up to date (in an allotted computer time) on my progress…


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