still amazed…

Ever look at your child’s fingers and just feel so amazed and impressed that you could make something like that?  That 2 little cells could match up, divide, grow, set up shop, divide and keep growing…then comes baby and soon toddler… and one day you are looking 3 1/2 year old fingers and they are awesome. I am always in awe of creation and life and genetics… that there is code inside our cells that determines if you’ll have dimples like your grandma, or funky toes like your mom… awesome. That two people could make three children and the code makes them all look so different and the same…
Random post I know… just had this moment this morning while loading Lucy into the car. She moved her fingers and I was just very aware of how grown up she has become, how perfect it was that out of all the potential combinations God could put together He gave me a Lucy… a perfect version of Lucy. I had a moment of clear knowing that life is amazing and fast… that in all the complicated and mixed up combinations we get exactly the best pile of details and DNA that each of us should be…
I am so happy God made this exact set of mixtures of DNA for me (and should add, as Lucy always does, that God made me a Matt Musto too)…
So thank you God for my trio of ladies and handsome tall Matt… I’m sending a super kiss and super hug to my perfect angel…


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