Who needs a bucket list?

Honestly, I wander around this earth listening to people talk about a ‘bucket list’ this idea of a list of challenges or adventures to complete before ‘kicking the bucket’.  The idea and term I have used to describe adventures or future goals I have… but I think we have the wording all wrong.  Seriously… why wander around with this idea of living like you are dieing, or completing cool things before we die?  I feel that it requires a different angle.  Maybe a ‘Life Adventure List’… maybe ‘Living List’… hmmm… I don’t know.  I will work on it.  The idea is here though.

I have challenges and adventures and goals that I want to complete in this time on earth.  Some things I have done… others are sitting in my brain helping me focus and look forward to living.  I think these goals keep us alive… to have things to look forward to attempting or trying are so important.  How freaking boring is a life with no adventures, no goals, no challenges?  I think I will settle on the ‘My Life Adventure List’… it works for me.  What, you wonder, is on my list…

My Life Adventure List

  • To do a Polar Bear Dip (to prove that God made me well insulated and more equipped for these things…)
  • To go to Europe (Paris, Ireland, Scotland, England and Italy… etc)
  • To wear a bikini and feel hot for at least a day (even if I am 64 1/2 years old and it is at the YMCA)
  • To run a marathon before I am 30 (COMPLETED)
  • To be a great mom (STARTED… working on it)
  • To be a Doctor
  • To go somewhere exotic with Matt and step out of my comfort zone (try the foods, relax and feel at home)
  • To learn to swim and do a triathlon
  • To speak in front of a large group (and feel comfortable)
  • To write a book
  • To be a grandmother (FAR AWAY)
  • To sky dive (we now have wills…)
  • To meet Regis and Kelly…
  • To drive standard well (Started learning… need lessons)

These are the ones that sit in my brain right now… on a regular basis.  So this is me, redirecting my list, changing the perspective associated with this list… looking forward to adding new challenges and adventures throughout my life.  I hope to look back and know that many of my life adventures were completed when I ‘kick the bucket’… when I get to see my lovely again… when I get a break from living, moving, running, smiling, crying, rushing, playing… when my living adventure is all done.

❤ mm.


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