Living in a changed perspective.

What a weird week…

My great (and amazing) Aunt Jane passed away.  She was comfortable, surrounded and completely at peace with no pain.  After a whole life devoted to taking care of others and keeping up with family and being a wonderful strong inspiration to so many… she is in a place where she can relax and enjoy and not be a caretaker.

So many looked to me like I was so unlucky to have lost my lovely and my Aunt in about a year… but they are wrong.  I am blessed and comforted and okay… I know that Madeline got a message from me, that Aunt Jane was (for the first time in a long time) not in pain and that she got to see her Husband, Sisters and God.  She worked hard for her life to get to this point and to rest… I am proud.  I am glad.  I am happy that I got a Madeline.  I am proud that I had such an Aunt.  I am glad she impacted my life and my daughter’s lives in such a way.  I am blessed to have known her, hugged her and loved her.  I am blessed to have been her great-niece (one of more than 100)… and I felt special and loved.  I am so content knowing that she got to see Madeline and that she understood what my darling lovely was… a light.  What a life she had.

I am different in that I do not wish for one more kiss or hug or visit.  I will not live life remembering her death and waiting to see her… I will live life knowing that my lovely has another piece of my family to love her and show her and embrace her… to help her shine.  I will live life knowing that I am so very proud to have had Aunt Jane and many have never had a person like that in their life.  I will live life doing what she taught me… to help, support and live for my faith, my family and everyone I come into contact with… I will live a life of changed perspective.


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