Stand up.

I am just really proud of my Amelia today…we have talked and chatted lately about the way friends and kids can be… how sometimes they aren’t kind and start groups or clubs and they exclude others.  I hate these groups… I hated not being a part of them, I hate how that made me feel like less and small… I hate how it made me feel that different was a bad thing.  I love that Amelia kindly stood up and said that it wasn’t nice or okay.  I hope she is the girl who does that forever… that takes care of her own being and the ones around her… who is aware of people and feelings.  I just wanted to note how proud I am.


ps.  I am also very glad that I am different, now.  I wished I was tiny and skinny and in a way flaky when I was young.  I wished I was invited to all the 6th grade graduation pool parties and sleep overs… but honestly I came out of all that on the better side.  I like me.  I think I am very kind, pretty and funny :)… I am smart… I love people… I like being different.  I better not raise boring, by-the-book and insecure kids that don’t take responsibility for their words or actions… kind, strange and smart kids- that is the goal.


I miss my kind, compassionate and extraordinarily unique lovely…


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