New Habits.



While thinking over lots of pieces of my life that work and don’t work today I came to the realization that my life is a pile of habits.  My parenting, my living, my marriage, my exercise, my cooking… etc.  I thought about the ones that I like and the ones I need to change and establish healthier habits.  So what do I need to work on you might ask?

Cooking.  I need to create better and more healthier meals, therefore, shop better… I need to get back to my brain of healthy.  I need the energy that healthy food gives me… I need the boost of drinking tons of water and eating lots of fruit.  I need to change.

Marriage.  When life suffers and sad sets in we start distancing ourselves in our marriage.  When we separate it becomes easier to do so more often… I am going to push myself, in a good positive way, in my marriage.  I am going to talk simple and take time more often.  I am going to pay better attention to Matt.  I am going to make sure I kiss him everytime I leave or he leaves.  I am going to make him hold my hand more.  I am going to pull back our healthy habits and make them habits again.

Parenting.  I am going to be here more.  I am going to go for more walks and make my habits with my girls more meaningful.  I am going to try not to be so tired and be outside more… (thank God spring is here).

Basically, I am going to work for the 21 days over and over to create these new habits and make them my normal.  I want to improve my living and relationships… and I think new habits will help.  So let’s see if this works… if my theory and creating better habits improves my life.


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