Change. Change. Change.

If I could even remember all the changes that have taken place in our lives since Maddie left us it would be… the best.  I found the good people and I sorted out the bad people.  People moved.  People changed.  People changed.

The world turned differently for people who knew Maddie.  My family let things go… uncles and aunts that had brushed off the family reunion- came up.  My family came to me, came to Maddie’s home, to celebrate life and living and her death.  Weddings took on a new meaning.  Honestly, Maddie even changed funerals.  She made people remember we are all here, living.  She made us all realize that the biggest things we do are enjoy our families that we are born with or find in life.  She made, so many of us, live.

We found our ‘people’.  We let go of the ones who really didn’t love us.  We work hard to live in a way that releases the hard, complicated and bad… and remember the good and simple and amazing.  In doing this we see Maddie helping, we know God is here.

In this year many things have changed… many addresses have changed.  I gained a set of In-Laws in our neighborhood (and am so glad), my sister moved near my parents and bought a house… my baby sister is back from Korea… so many came home.  Some moved away too… one of my best friends moved to Ohio.  Maddie’s friend moved… it’s hard and simple for us.  I know that in the grand scheme of life and living we are so lucky… I know I will live the rest of my life missing Maddie, and I will never miss anyone like I miss her, I know that God brings the best people to us and that he gives us the tools and brain to know when they aren’t the best… I just know.

I know that the changes that have happened are supposed to have happened.  I know that as much as I enjoy or would want to change others… they are always the way they should be.  I know this.  So thank you God for all the good changes and moves, thank you God for trusting me with the hard ones… knowing that this test will end with knowing the ‘real truth’… knowing that You bring us the best and take care of us… Thank you.



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