A good run. A clean car. A raked yard.

I was so upset with my husband for not taking this opportunity to disappear for the weekend and get away with the girls… I wanted out of my walls… I wanted to explore some place we have never been.  I just wanted to get away from all of this… the foundation work, the house work and the regular life that you feel needs living when you are home…

I was wrong.  I woke up this morning and stayed in bed a little longer… I was okay with being home until I had to wash the damn dishes.  I hate that when I am home all I freakin’ do is wash dishes?!?!!?!  I was mad… I, at that moment, had sold off any opportunity to enjoy this weekend.  We went to the Y and got a nice, hilly run in… and I felt better.  We had a snack at Maddie’s Spot… kind of first-of-the-season picnic.  We came home, I showered and grocery shopped… came home cleaned my car (including the disgusting car seats and trunk)… I worked on the front of the house and made pasta salad, while Matt and his brother raked and played with the girls.

I owe him an apology.  I think a ‘staycation’ was better this time… I hope he makes time for a vacation soon.  I can’t wait to pull into my driveway and have a clean and tulip filled front yard… to know that my house is clean and lookin’ good.  I am glad we stayed home.  I know many like to be home… but I still struggle with ‘home’.  I struggle with ‘home’ being my ‘work’ … I struggle with my work being everywhere here.  There is always something to clean, organize, mail, email, make, wipe up, wash… etc… it drives me bananas.  I am glad I will get to bring the girls outside to play lots, have friends over and enjoy my house soon… someday maybe it will again feel like ‘home’.


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