Thoughts on Tragedy.

Mister Rogers Look for the Helpers

Today is another ‘day after a horrible tragedy’.  Today was filled with people praying and thinking of those touched directly and indirectly by the Boston Marathon Bombing… people posting ribbon images created for those lost… people posting how glad they were that ‘their friends and family in Boston’ were ok.  Today was a hard day for my brain and heart.

I find on days like today it is best to move and nod and drive and go and live just regularly.  I find comfort in not having time to think about all the bad there is in this world.  I try to not think about the kids who have been diagnosed or died of cancer today, the family whose daughter went missing, the murders that happen because of evil and jealousy and anger… I try not to think about all the bad.  I think if we focus on the bad it will not only win, it will consume us.  We will become a society that rarely sees good, never looks for the kind, gives up hope for happy and lives in fear.  Maybe we are that… maybe these terrible, horrible and heavy events have created a pessimistic society… maybe many have forgotten that good outweighs bad.  I think people need to remember…

I have lost 1/3 of the most important things God could give me to take care of… yet I see ‘helpers’.  There are always ‘helpers’… even secret kind ones that you will never know the name of.  Someday, maybe many times, you will be called to be a ‘helper’ (maybe even a secret kind one)… if we live our life looking not to the scary and living in fear but in watching the good move around and being there when something bad happens… the world would be so changed.  I try to be a ‘helper’… I don’t  care if anyone ever knows it was me who was the helper.  This world needs more ‘helpers’.  God knows I have some amazing ‘helpers’… that in all this mess and hard and heavy and sad… I still have light brought into my life.  I may not have the deep, full and soulful light I had… I may be missing a huge piece of my light but my ‘helpers’ bring me light.

I am so sorry for all of the families who have to experience the pain and loss of their person.  I am the worst person when finding words… but I know that every one of the Marathoners and families hurt by this would want you to live, breathe, move, create and be a ‘helper’ for someone along your journey.


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