God will slow you down.

Be aware that we are not super heroes… we are not unbreakable… we are not invincible.  That being said when I looked at my month of April in the beginning my brain quickly put into action it’s “one thing at a time Erin” mode.  I could not look ahead of the afternoon I was in… and it was CrAzY.  It was my supreme survival mode.  What is accomplished is amazing and the amount of time and energy that my body and mind put into it was necessary.  Now it is the week after and God slowed me down. 

In this month we have had many meeting with groups to share our foundation and Maddie’s story, meetings to get work moving on big projects, families that needed some ‘best days ever’, a playground that would be finished, my husband spent a week in California… so the normal life that needs to be lived and the morning programs and reading homework and gymnastics and dinner… not to mention the crazy ‘get it done’ projects I always take on when Matt travels… so I didn’t sleep enough, I ate out too much, I worked too much and I didn’t get my healthy scheduled work outs = frazzled and tired and not a great scenario for my immune system.

God slowed me down… I had a nice case of Strep and spent yesterday letting my friend wash my dishes and asking my Mother-in-law to come play with the girls… and I stayed put and rested.  Today I feel so much better… so thanks God for the slow down.  I know if it weren’t Strep or the flu or something I would have just kept chuggin’ and never rested.  Although it was a yucky feeling day and I need a shower, I am going to thank him for the reminder, and hope I take my own time before I am shown again I need to slow down.



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