5 1/2

 May 2

Amelia turned 5 1/2…

An age that is terrifying and happy for us… I don’t walk around thinking she’s not going to make it to 6… I don’t see her dying at 5 1/2… I just don’t know what comes after 5 1/2.  I am glad to get to see Amelia grow and change and learn… To get to see her graduate from kindergarten, to get to see her lose her first tooth, to get ready for first grade… But its another way that she is passing Madeline.  Madeline was the one God made to be the oldest sister… And pretty soon Amelia will, in a way, be the oldest Musto chick… Strange new reality we live in.

I am so very happy to see Amelia beam when telling the world she is 5 1/2… in her eyes she is equal with Maddie right now.  I guess in a way it’s a connection that she makes to Maddie.  I hope she enjoys this little connection and that she has a connection to all the ages and events that Maddie will have to be in her heart only for…


I am sure just as with every other milestone and life adventure that Madeline misses we will move, live, cry, smile, laugh, run and grow…


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