Just a walk. Just what I needed…

I got up WAY to early today… I had a run scheduled with a friend but after getting up and dressed and waiting… I got a text that she was too tired.  I was quite annoyed at first, only because she got to go back to bed and I had already been up and waiting for 20 minutes.  I could have gone for a run, but I was so tired and sore that I didn’t really want to.  So I decided to go for a walk.
Seriously… when was the last time I went for a walk by myself.  I felt like I wasn’t doing enough work or sweating… but I made myself just walk.  Often when I run, with friends or alone, it is full of noise.  I listen to music or talk or listen to friends talk… never quiet.  This morning it was nice and quiet.  There were a ton of bird and running squirrels and not many people out.  I walked over to my daughter’s school and sat.  This week Madeline’s tree went in near the playground… and I walked over and just sat near it.  I made myself turn my brain off for a little while and just sit.  I want to stop thinking of all the important things I need to do and all the junk I have to pack into this day… I even did my deep breathing things I learned in yoga (hoping no one was watching).  I just sat.

I miss long walks.  I love to run but I feel like everything in this life has turned into runs not walks.  We zip from one thing to the next and rush and rush… I need a slow down.  I still need kick-my-butt-mind-cleaning runs, but I need more walks.  I need to be kinder to myself.  I need to move without thinking about it as a workout… I need to live without always running.  I need to be nicer to the lady I am today… she is doing the best to take care of her family, mind, body, home, life and soul… She needs to stop thinking everything needs to be fast and sweaty.

Once again I am going to add something to work on :).  Have a lovely day, mine is full of Mother’s Day Teas and weeding… and hopefully a date with My Very Own Mr Musto.



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