Zach and the world he left.

Zach is an angel.  This has made me so very sad these past two days, but also so glad to know that he is ok… even better than ok.  He made it his mission to live life fully, happily and exactly the way he needed to before he died.  He lived while he was dying.  The words in this video, if you took the name Zach out, would describe Madeline.  She was amazingly special and kind and compassionate and real… Zach was the same.  He was created to live a life that reminded people to love each other, live simply and kindly, enjoy each day and look for the good in situations and people.  He was an amazing person, who is changing the world in the way he lived and the fact that he is now dead.

I have never met him and I miss him… My heart and brain have been chugging along thinking of his mother’s pain, his siblings hurt and his fathers sadness… I know the hard they feel.  I also know the feeling of knowing that your lovely and different and amazing child changed the world.  That your child made people believe and know and feel and live… but I know the pain that goes with this.  I know the killer hard that comes when you see that your baby is gone and the world can change but you are stuck.  Enough of my babbling… enjoy and think and listen and change.  Smile and cry.  Let Zach change you.



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