Far Away

Lately I sit down to write and I have nothing… I feel pretty far away.  I think I am just trying to get through all of this stuff and not really taking the time to process it.  I will take the time… but if I stop to do it now I will be lost to the fact that Madeline should be moving up to 2nd grade this week… I should have gone to my first ever field days with her… and tie dyed tee shirts and watched her run and play.  I would get to see all that and Miss Amelia graduate Kindergarten with her big dimple and excited for summer face… and watch Lucy graduate from 3yr old preschool… but alas I have put some things away to take back out when I can handle them and reflect on them and cry or laugh about them.  I am just not there yet.  In a way I am just far away from life right now… it is the ending of an era, in a way.  My very last Musto Chick is starting to complete the milestones that are such a big deal in growing and getting ready for school.  My very last Musto Chick will quickly complete all the life that Madeline did… Amelia has already hit the milestones… February 9th, beyond 5 1/2 and pretty soon Kindergarten Graduation.  Crazy how this world works.

So… I guess I will take feeling far away for now… as always wish me luck and send up some special thoughts and prayers.


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