The lovely, perfect and sassy Miss Onja Rose Howard.

Onja Rose Howard


It is hard to meet families who will have to endure and walk this journey… to know their pain and hurt and loss and missing and hard and everything.  It is healthy and scary and unhealthy and medicine… it is what I am supposed to do.  I could run away and hide in a hole… but I need them and they need me.  I know that they are brought here to me, and I to them.  I am supposed to meet them, their lovely… and be there before and/or after.  It is the connection Madeline wants me to make, a direct connection to her.  When these lovelies go to Heaven, I know, that Madeline is right there.  I know that there is an amazing, spunky, silly, happy, sassy, fashionable lovely getting ready to go see Madeline.  I know that Amelia fell in love with Onja Rose… and that Madeline will too.  I am sure my lovely Madeline will bring her safely home, and she will be comfortable, happy and okay in Heaven.  I hope that she bugs her mama a lot, and lets her know she’s ok.  I hope that Madeline let’s me know too… I freaking miss her.

Let me share a little about Onja Rose Howard… man she is strong.  This little lady was diagnosed in October of 2012 and given a tiny chance to enjoy Christmas… she rocked Christmas… she made it to her 3rd Birthday on July 3.  She is 1/5 of an amazing and wonderful family.  She is fun, sassy, cute, fancy and shiny… she is Onja Rose Howard.  God made a special little lady.  I am so blessed to have met her and her mama… I am so grateful to have Nicole to travel this journey with.  I hate that she joined this club… I hate that Onja had this hard, this pain… She will be perfectly okay and at peace in heaven.  God is good like that… and believe me God is good.  So put Miss Onja Rose and her family in your prayers… pray that she is comfortable and that she is with her family for as long as she can be… pray that her family is taken care of and that the only thing missing is Onja… pray that God covers them with serene numbness and peace and that the world respects their wishes and needs.  Pray.


I love you darling… take good care of Onja Rose.


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