A tiny, itsy, bitsy rant…

I am so not a bitter or mad person… but there are things that really hurt my heart.  These words, posts and thoughts probably sound great to everyone else.  I hate to see “I will hug my child a little tighter” or “I am so glad she’s safe” or “I thank God for my …’s health”…

I know you all think “what a heartless person”… but think about it.  Those words sting my heart to see, hear or think.  Seriously, keep it to yourself.  I know you’ll hug your child tighter- only mine isn’t here anymore.  Honestly, you are glad your lovely or friend is safe and someone else’s is hurt????… and you thank God for your child’s health- what about me????  Madeline was the most healthy child I ever knew… an amazing eater, drank milk, chose fruits, slept soooooooo well… and look at us.

I think my rant is- stop posting it on facebook.  Those words sting.  Enjoy your lovelies as much as you can… be happy… live… stop posting that.

Sorry for the rant…


❤ you darling.


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