Reflections on growing children…

So with all of these wonderful and insightful articles going around on parenting, mothering and life moving fast I just wanted to comment, or write, or share… or something. I look around and I don’t see things that I regret… many of those articles and blogs suggest regret and sadness.  I think my perspective is very different.  I love to see them grow.  I have one whole member of my amazing little Musto clan who will never grow… growing is awesome.

I love to hear them say things that are so grown up and just beyond what I know they understood… I love to see them tackle new challenges that they were once to young for.  I love this.  I do sometimes think it moves to fast and that life is just soooo busy… but I love to see the growing and changing and becoming… I talked to Lucy and told her- ‘Stop growing dear, I love you just like you are right now”… and she told me “Mom, I can’t.  God keeps giving my just one more day.” and I was sold.  I am a believer in growth… I am going to be a lover of a healthy and true aging process… wrinkles and all (I do love sporting this long hombre hair color though… so maybe just that thing I will maintain :))… I like getting older.  I think my 30’s have been really hard, and I am on the early side of them.  I think the skills and lessons I am learning to just live now- will make my forty’s the best they can be.

My big hope is that as they grow they carry me and Madeline and Matthew… and home, warmth, love, kindness and smart hearts with them.  I pray that they make good choices every single “one more day” that God gives them.  I pray too that when they make bad choices, and when they mess up- no matter how badly- that they know that they are loved and forgiven.  I will always be here, growing older… taking on as many “one more days” as God gives me… and will always be watching them grow.  I will freak out when they are old enough that I am not cool, I will cry when they would prefer to visit their boyfriend on trips home from college than me… and I will hate when I don’t have my girls here to have dinner every night. The way I see this parenting gig we are supposed to love the growing, see the changing and enjoy it… to change things along the way that need it, to help them build the skills and have the tools- to not just live and get through this life but to embrace it and enjoy it.  I want them to love growing… I want them to appreciate the changes and the future.

Maybe my perspective is altered by the fact that my eyes will never again see my lovely Madeline grow, never hear her sing in a chorus, never buy her a prom dress or get her through a hard situation in her 20’s… so while everyone else sits back and prays for their kids to stop growing- I will stand up and enjoy the changes and the growing…


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