Do I share too much bad????

This post got me thinking… and made me wonder if me ‘friends’ thought I blasted them with depressing things.  I didn’t hope to change my postings… I feel that sharing is the best way to change this.  How is it said?… awareness—> funding—–> research—–> changes/cures/treatments/trials… CHANGES.  So I will do what I can in sharing me, my life, our journey, Madeline’s story… and so many others.  It is a need.

I have said it a million times- once you are aware of something you must be changed, you must do something about it.  If people chose to shut down, ignore or dislike posts they are in denial of the fact that this killer and life changer can hit their home, their nieces and lovely little grandbabies… Childhood Cancer can strike any CHILD.  So I will post and share and fill my feed with what I know is important- stories of families, things people can do and of course little bits about my lovely ladies and our crazy and hard life…

Here is the article that got my brain tinkering…

2 thoughts on “Do I share too much bad????

  1. Thanks for sharing my blog. Also I’m glad it led me to your blog! I’m so convinced that better treatments are coming soon, if we just continue to fight for more money and more research. Glad to meet others who feel so much the same! Nicole


  2. Oh, hon! No, you do not share too much bad. People need this childhood cancer stuff in their face if anything is going to change. They need to be sad, but more than that they need to be aware that this can happen to their own children just as easily as it happened to me and your darling Madeline. We can do this. Trust me, okay? XOXO


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