5 good things.

Darnit… sat down to blog and can’t think of a darn good or positive thing to say. So you know what that means… assess and looks back at my day- and write 5 good things from today.  Looking back at today I can definitely and quickly see 5 good things- maybe even 10!  So here goes

  1. I woke up with my girls in my house, happy and watching Arthur… drinking juice and getting ready with no fights, arguments or melt downs… just a normal’ish’ morning in our house.
  2. I got to see Amelia’s Morning Program and see her big beaming dimples and gap in her teeth- all excited and bright and glad to see me… I was happy that Matthew made it… and while there I had a memory of Madeline’s one and only Morning program.  I remembered her going up on stage at VIP and when it was her turn she spoke into the microphone and introduced herself and me to the crowd.  I was so proud.  It was so out of character for her to stand up and speak in public (many preschool concerts and MOPS plays gave me a good idea she would freeze and smile but not sing or talk… ).
  3. I left Morning Program and went for a short run with my friend Amanda (who doesn’t usually run) and catch up with her.  Thankfully Lucy was in good hands because I was 1/2 an hour late for preschool pickup!!!  It felt good to talk about EVERYTHING… not just the problems and hards… but the funny stuff, the serious stuff and the messy stuff.
  4. I had counseling today at Haven… and it is my second to last session before they close their doors.  It makes me so sad to think that this amazing grief only counseling group will be gone, but I am thankful for the bonds and the help and the listening and the quiet and the peace they have provided my girls and I in the past 18 months.  I don’t know what we will do with our Wednesday afternoons… I am trying to not think and dwell on the fact that I am losing another important part of our lives…
  5. The girls we really good and happy tonight.  I can’t wait to sit and snuggle and watch a movie in a few.  They drive me nuts, make me laugh, make me cry, make me want to stay, make me want to run away… they are my world.  Those girls continue to keep this crazy, heavy and confused lady afloat in this messy and hard world we call ‘home’.  I am so thankful to them… I hope they understand that someday…

So there.  A positive spin on a day that kind of made me sad… but ok… and a little happy.  Good night all…




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