A non-running-run-high… let me explain

Running on my high today… from a great weekend.  This weekend was just what we needed… a happy, bright, full, busy, loud and fun weekend.  This weekend was our Maddie’s Mark 5k… and it was AWESOME.  It was a big, family-filled day… kids running, playing and enjoy… adults getting their feet moving to make good 5k times… it was a-freakin’-mazin’… I don’t know how many runners we had, I don’t know how much the race raised for ‘best days ever’… but I know that I am sooo sooo proud of our crew, our family and our herd.  The sun was out, the cool fall air was around and everyone was happy.  Many of my family travelled down and up and over… the organizers were so darn organized!  I loved yesterday.  Amelia and Lucy and Matthew were lighter and happier all day… not to mention that a local (up and coming) Country Star came to serenade our herd… and Amelia was glowing.  She didn’t stop singing yesterday until her eyes finally closed on a bed full of her favorite cousins… (thank you Chelsea Cavanaugh-http://chelseacavanaugh.bandcamp.com/)

We came home to hang out and barbeque and celebrate Amelia and My little sister Molly’s upcoming birthdays… we had a long afternoon into evening bon fire… we had a cramped kitchen filled with sisters running into each other prepping food, washing dishes and talking tons.  We had tired kids resting for a bit, girls running around in high heels being doctors or singers or whatever… we had the normal crazy that comes with my family and Matthew’s combining.  It was a welcome loud… I haven’t had a house full of people to feed and enjoy in a long time… and they spoil me.  When my sisters are here I am gifted a quiet sit while they bathe my girls, or feed them… it is a welcome treat.

Everyone asks me how I am so strong, people wonder how I can get through this… I don’t know the answer.  I don’t think we are getting through this, I don’t see me as strong, I don’t see us as crazy strong… I honestly believe that it is my herd… my big crazy family… our many diversions… our adventures… Maddie’s Mark events that show me so many are carrying her, sharing her and living with her on their hearts and brains… I believe that God set this up for us.  I believe He helped us find and create our safety net… I believe He keeps us moving even when we don’t want to.  I believe He has some big jobs for us- especially our girls.

Today I feel refreshed and ready to start the week.  Tomorrow is Monday… and my house is a disaster… but this weekend was worth it.

Thank you ‘herd’.  Thank you God.  Thank you Madeline.


One thought on “A non-running-run-high… let me explain

  1. This weekend surely was amazing! The closeness our children share is so special and wonderful! The time we all shared together this weekend was exactly what we all needed right now….looking forward to making more of these memories together…as we all continue to carry Maddie in our hearts every day!


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