My lil singer…


So I always hope that one of my girls will be a doctor… and I think God made Madeline that way.  I still hold out for a doctor- I so badly wanted to be a doctor when I grew up.  I think Amelia is going to be a singer or something… that girl has been singing, humming, whispering, making beats and creating noises since she was little.  This weekend she not only met an up-and-coming Country Star but she got herself her first guitar and microphone set… and the singing, playing, performing and practicing sounds in the mic have only stopped when she is at school.  I have no idea if she will grow to be famous, I only want her happy.  I know that she is happy, content and concentrating best when making music or noise.

I wonder if this will be a way for her to share Madeline or if that is thinking too big.  I wonder if it will be her outlet, as she grows and changes.  I wonder if she will stick with it and carry her love and skill into her future.  I wonder what she will love to sing and perform as she grows…

A random thought and way to remember the ‘when’ in case she becomes the next Taylor Swift… have a lovely night, mine will be full of loud and lovely singing and a crazy girl practicing humming into the mic (very annoying sound)…


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