A little wake up call…

Yesterday I lost my phone. It is weird how it has impacted me- heavy and sad but also lighter and glad.  I know quite the spectrum… let me explain.

I was scared about the fact that someone had access to all of my information and some of my pictures that I can’t replace… even hurts to think that someone could steal my phone.  I always think I am surrounded by amazing people… and I am safe.  It is kind of heartbreaking to be reminded on mean and bad and unkind.  I don’t know for sure that it was stolen and pray that it turns up in a diaper bag or car or something… but the thought of someone taking it hurts.  It makes you realize how vulnerable we are… so much information was available and maybe looked at.  It also feels like I am missing something.  I lost another thing.  Which in the grand scheme of life is not an important thing, it isn’t a living thing… but it is a piece of me.  I feel naked and am reminded often how much I used it… as a watch, timer, time waster, planner, alarm clock, music player, white noise creator and many more things… not to mention a feeling of safety just to have.

On the flip side:

I don’t miss my phone.  I like not being reached and the fact that I literally only checked my email for a few minutes and facebook to see if anyone had found my phone… it was liberating.  I have been thinking a lot to go to a phone/text only old school way of life for a while.  Maybe this is sign… maybe it is my motivator.  Along with those thoughts, my friend posted an article and I quickly read it.  It about sums up me lately… and life.  Not that I think it will be easy to refind a ‘happy’ given the loss and crazy we have had… but it could be a step in the direction.  So read this article and let me know what you think… I am going to work on it.  Maybe some of the hard behavior is a product of this crazy, messy and distracted world.




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