Halloween – you = tomorrow and forever

I love Ronan by Taylor Swift. Her words and voice and real… I get it. The drive home I remember clearly… I remember the feel of Madeline, and putting in her pearl earring before we left… I remember feeling sad and weird like we were leaving her with someone else. I remember wondering if they would take good care of her and the very last time I looked into my backseat with 3 car seats was those moments. Tonight I wish she were here for a fun Halloween with her sisters… what would she be? Something proper I am sure, something cute. I like to think, maybe know, that it would be creative and fun and simple. Her cowgirl was easy and she wanted to wear her boots and hat and then BADLY wanted a sheriff star with her own name on it…

I miss you darling. I miss you more than I could describe, or understand. Days like tomorrow are BIG HARD days of holes where you should be…

Listen and cry… Taylor got it… and she shared and it and she continues to. Thank you to the lovely and talented Taylor Swift.


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