I need a goal.

goalsI am going to get a goal… I need a ‘thing’ to focus on and work toward… I need a goal.

I was hoping like crazy to be on a Childhood Cancer Team for the Boston Marathon next April, but alas there were too many applicants and I was not selected.  It was a sad thing to think of.  Just being able to make myself sign up to maybe be selected was hard for me.  Focusing on something that far away is crazy for me.  I was scared and excited about it, and then kind of heartbroken to not be selected.

What I did take from that is that I need a goal… I need to set my mind up to work toward something bigger, that will make me stronger and healthier.  I think I will set a 1/2 Marathon spring goal.  I know it will be crazy to train for, but it seems like a realistic goal that wont take away too much energy.  I need my energy right now to stay positive and focused and alive.

So expect some changes and a way I can share my goal work… my training.  It will keep me accountable.  I don’t know how I will work it, but I will.  Sharing and keeping track helps me stay very committed.  I need to not quit… my body, mind, soul and spirit need this.  I need this.


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