Tea with some wonderful women… who make me ‘me’…

I have been trying to reach out to my friends more lately… I have kind of been a hermit for months and need them.  Easiest way to see them (Without promising hot tub and wine ;))… was a convenient tea date meet up.  I wanted to check out a new Tea Shoppe central to our YMCA and kiddos so I thought today was a great day to do that.  It was lovely… lots of laughing, lots of conversations, lots of burdens lifted and lighter spirits when we left.  It was a great space, warm and open and clean and comfy.  We gathered around on big funky chairs and talked and laughed and yelled.  I believe there was much conversation about Justin Timberlake coming to town… 50 Shades of Grey books and plays… crazy lives and birthday parties… weekend plans… if you could think it we talked about it.  Its so funny and easy when we are all together.  Not all of my amazing people could come, but today was… good enough, I guess… would be the best description.  I love those ladies.  I am thankful everyday that they move mountains every day and carry us… I am thankful that they love Madeline… I am grateful that they are here.  I don’t know if I would be if I didn’t have them.

After thanking and apologizing for a rather loud (sober) meet up we headed back to grab our kids and get on with our days.  If they are anything like me I left lighter (I weighed more after having discovered a vegan cookie…)… I left easier and a little happier.  What would I do with out those crazy, lovely, special, tired, happy, silly, regular, amazing, real and inspirational ladies?

Thank you ladies… thank you God for gifting us these people.  Now I will sit down, enjoy taco dinner and some wine… I will go to bed lighter and less drained… I will go to bed knowing that I am lucky and supremely blessed.

(ps if I missed you at Tea- you probably know that you are important and amazing to me)


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