I hate mean people.

In this world that we live in now, occasionally I have to see the bad.  I forget sometimes that there are bad people in this world.  I have surrounded myself with so many of the best.people.ever… and I live in this bubble, I guess.  I don’t not know that there are wars, that people blow up buildings, that kids have learned by example and knowing its possible to shoot people at their school… I know these things.  I see them.  I know that my cell phone was probably stolen.  I know that my house was robbed a few years ago and it is still hard for me to sleep through the night and not hear someone breaking in.  I know that people are murdered, injured and hurt all.the.time.

I am a firm believer in the helpers.  I am a helper, I raise my lovelies to be helpers.  We surround ourselves with helpers.  Our normal is ‘helpers’…

Tonight I was on Facebook and in my updates or feed it told me that ‘Robert  ….’ liked Maddie’s Mark Foundation, then he shared, then he liked many pictures.  My alarm went off. I went to his Facebook page and saw that he ‘liked’ and shared all of these pages with Maddie’s on them.  Foundations, friend, etc… I was- at the same time- sick with anger and disgust and ready to get him off of the page that has my lovely associated and shared on.  Our tech person managed to block and take him off our page.  She deleted pics that he liked so they aren’t there… I guess we could say all is safe and fine in Facebook land.  Not true.

Not True.  I hate feeling violated.  I hate when people make me feel unsafe.  I travel this world trying to stay safe and sane and keep my girls safe and my Matthew safe.  All I have of Madeline to share I must keep safe.  These people and pictures are my life.  I wish people could be different.  How could someone live, breathe, move and enjoy life while making others lives unsafe?  What kind of programing makes that person different than me?  Ugh.  It is too much to think about really.  I am now more aware and will go forward with this fear and knowledge and move a little differently.  I hate assuming bad in people though.  I will not change me, just think about what people can see or share.  I will pray that people with intentions like that find a different outlet- and not another Maddie.  I will hope they… who knows.  I will hope that they find another outlet… that is all.  That God helps them find a way to not make others feel unsafe.

I love to share.  I know that my life, our story, Madeline’s moments and my family’s future is something we need to share.


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