keepin’ up with the…

Man, I love autumn like every other sane New Yorker, love the 4 seasons, love the cooler and darker lifestyle… well I love how it makes me slow down and stay home and just be in our house… BUT I just spent 3 days working on the leaves in my yard and still have another afternoon at least.  UGH.  It is good work.  It is a good workout.  It let me think lots and be in the sun… and it pooped me out.  I don’t regret taking on the task and not hiring someone but remind me next year how much work it was this year please!

I really want to take the girls to NYC on a bus tour and see the Rockettes- I have always wanted to go but never have.  I also need new tires and my cell phone is ancient (functioning and working but not the easiest one to use)… so I can’t really justify getting my yard raked if I am perfectly capable to doing it myself… right?  I would also love, love, love to call a cleaning company and get a really good cleaning in the next couple of weeks… it would feel so good to do that… so raking the leaves it is.  Man, I wish they were done and I was sitting inside tonight feeling all accomplished and eating stew or roast chicken… knowing that I don’t have to think about yard work for this week :)… oh well.  Here I am complaining and whining- when I should be out there raking.

Off to rake.  Sorry for the rant.  Enjoy your lovely Sunday… I am sure the Erin that doesn’t complain so much will be back tonight :)…



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