If you know Amelia, you get it.



… and so today starts as a good day, in the world of ‘getting Amelia dressed, on the bus and still happy’.  Thank you Jesus.  He must have known that I was very tired… So small victory in the realm of parenting.  This quote makes me laugh though.  My sister posted it to my wall today, after a terrible morning yesterday.  It was my first smile, giggle of the day.

Funny thing is I totally get it.  Last night I was so MAD, I felt just like the crazy blue eyed girl that threw her ‘anger management’ Hospice glitter globe down the driveway.  I felt just like her.  So mad.  After about an hour and a half of fast heart beats and crying like crazy I think I fell a little asleep… then I woke up about 3 times to ‘knowing that we had a robber’… a fear that keeps me up often.  Happened to see on every news channel and newsfeed of people who live near me that there have been 9 robberies in our neighborhood… and since we have already had a very scary situation that we had to replace doors, windows and I lost my sense of security… I don’t sleep well.  So thankfully… the sweet and kind and 5 pound Baby Jesus sent me some extra love and sunshine this morning…



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